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buy more and pay no shipping costs applet

Knowledge Base Lobby : uShop Support Conference : Future Features WishList
Aug-16-18 10:35 AM EST
Original Message
buy more and pay no shipping costs applet
Author Nodar on 06-06-2000 at 14:27 (EST)
Hi there,

a suggestion for a applet (or message), if
a user buys at our site for lets say US$ 50.00
he/she have not to pay shipping costs, but
if he/she buys for US$ 49.00 they have to pay
shipping. Is there a solution, that in this
case (US$ 49.00) a message window appears that
says to the consumer - Hey, buy for one more
Dollar, and you have not to pay the shipping !

On the other side it would be nice, if there
would appear a window if the consumer buys for
lets say 5 US$ - and the message window says
to the consumer - Hey, you have to buy at least
for 10 US$ - or we cannot send your order ?

Is this possible ?

with best regards

schwab Ralf

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  RE: buy more and pay no shipping costs applet Bill Weiner, 2000-06-07 06:20:42 (1)

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         1. RE: buy more and pay no shipping costs applet
        Author Bill Weiner on 06-07-2000 at 06:20 (EST)
Nice suggestion. I think it will be possible in uShop 3.0 since we are providing an API to access shopping cart totals ... so you may be able to setup your own JavaScript check the total or count and then pop-up such a message.

No official release date for uShop 3.0 has been set yet.

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