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remove button

Knowledge Base Lobby : uShop Support Conference : CGI Script Related Problems
Aug-18-18 08:28 PM EST
Original Message
remove button
Author rroberts on 03-17-2003 at 19:12 (EST)
The remove button is not removing items from the shopping cart. The remove all button works fine.

Table Of Contents
  remove button Microburst Support Team, 2003-03-18 06:22:51 (1)
  RE: remove button Bill Weiner, 2003-03-18 06:26:51 (2)

Messages In This Discussion
         1. remove button
        Author Microburst Support Team on 03-18-2003 at 06:22 (EST)
This happens when you do not specify the unique product ID on an item through the applet that you are using.

For example, you are using the uShopInput18 applet for shirts, yet for the product_list parameters, you start with a "comma" which basically sets the first parameter - the necessary unique product id - to be blank or null.

Per the applet reference, in the uShopInput18 applet, the parameters for the product_list are as such:

"For each product in the list, you must specify the product's id,name,description,weight, and price - each separated by a comma. You can list as many products as you like, just be sure to separate each product by a semicolor (;). For example: "P001,Dog,Beagle,10,$300.00;P002,Dog,Labrador,25,$340.00". Note that you can align fields in the list by padding the fields with spaces as necessary. "

Product ID is a required field by which uShop keys the products and knows which product to "remove" from the cart when the "remove" button is pressed. (The "remove all" button just empties the cart and doesn't care what product id's are in the cart).
         2. RE: remove button
        Author Bill Weiner on 03-18-2003 at 06:26 (EST)
The problem is that you are not specifying a product ID.... so try either one of these options:

OPTION 1: If you don't plan on using any product IDs in your store, then set the "column_id" parameter on your uShopCart1 applet to "0":

< PARAM NAME="columns_id" VALUE="0" >

OPTION 2: Be sure to give all of the products in your store Product IDs. For your T-shirt, for example, you could change the following two parameters:

< PARAM NAME="product_list" VALUE=",T-Shirt,Maroon/Gold,1,$15.00" >
< PARAM NAME="menu_show_id" VALUE="YES" >

In order to specify an Id... but still hide the idea in the menu:

< PARAM NAME="product_list" VALUE="P0001,T-Shirt,Maroon/Gold,1,$15.00" >
< PARAM NAME="menu_show_id" VALUE="NO" >

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