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display_cart.html order of categories

Knowledge Base Lobby : uShop Support Conference : CGI Script Related Problems
Aug-16-18 06:44 AM EST
Original Message
display_cart.html order of categories
Author Paul on 11-26-2001 at 16:43 (EST)
i was wondering if it was possible to change the order of the categories. i would like for the qty to be the first category in the table.

also i have not recieved a responce on the problem i was having on a line not being present. i have tried to customize the display cart but when i take out wt then the line that seporates qty and price disapears. i don't know how to fix this glitch. any suggestions?

thank you in advance...

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  display_cart.html order of categories Joseph Pishgar, 2001-11-27 15:03:01 (1)
            RE: display_cart.html order of categories Bill Weiner, 2001-11-27 22:06:29 (2)
                 thanks paul, 2001-12-02 19:09:42 (3)

Messages In This Discussion
         1. display_cart.html order of categories
        Author Joseph Pishgar on 11-27-2001 at 15:03 (EST)
Hello Paul,

I will check into if this is possible.

As for your other inquiry regarding the "disappearing line", I have replicated the problem on our test server, and will have a diagnosis for you soon.

Joseph Pishgar
Microburst Technologies, Inc.
                 2. RE: display_cart.html order of categories
                Author Bill Weiner on 11-27-2001 at 22:06 (EST)
In regard to changing the order of the fields in the HTML shopping cart display, unfortunately, no there is no way to do that at this time.

And in regard to the "missing separator" problem described in your other posting at:

The problem has to do with how Microsoft's Internet Explorer is "weighting" the different cells of the HTML table when you hide the ID and WEIGHT column.

(If you try your site with Netscape, you will see that all cells of the HTML table appear correctly.)

There is no way to get around how Microsoft's browser is weighting/displaying the division lines of those cells.... so I would suggest just keeping either the ID or the WEIGHT parameter. I personally would recommend just giving each of your products an ID ... which can be any text or numeric value ... and then displaying the ID in the cart.
                         3. thanks
                        Author paul on 12-02-2001 at 19:09 (EST)
thank you for you help. i appreciate it.

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