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"Tip for more exposure using uShop 3.0"

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Programmer Tips
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"Tip for more exposure using uShop 3.0"
Posted by Paul W. Abernathy on Aug-15-00 at 06:15 PM (EST)
I am not sure many know this but using the new 3.0 version you can open a can of wealth. If you pay to have a secure server which is needed to host the secure transaction then you are doing great...But you can do better...you know them free sites out their like xoom.com and geocities..well you can place your exact site on them and not change a thing to your " begin the Order Process" applet which is on the securly hosted website..but by only moving the class files to the free website and uploading the HTML pages and Images..you will get a exact duplicate website that is order ready because it utilizes the secure server of your main site to process the orders and the user never knows...Here is a example..try my www.radiopet.com...and now try http://members.xoom.com/RadioPet/index.html

You get 2 sites for the price of one..and both can be submited to SE's without a problem...this could be replicated on many free web hosting sites and make you a bundle..just a tip!

Paul W. Abernathy,CEO

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