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"Currency not matching in receipts"

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CGI Script Related Problems
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"Currency not matching in receipts"
Posted by Ben Muis on Sep-28-01 at 04:28 PM (EST)

Going back in time here! In version 2.04 (UK), I have just been working on converting all my details back from the Euro (E) that I previously had over the US version.

I have replaced the class files with the UK ones, and the CGI file as well.

Somehow, I get the following on receipts:


AM100 AM Unl. AM100 AM Transmitter, 20 Watt 4.0 1 295.00
TXS5Wt NRG TX Stereo 5 5 Wt TX Kit, Stereo 1.0 1 106.00

Subtotal = $ 401.00
Shipping = $ 30.00
Handling = $ 5.00
VAT( 0.00%) = $ 0.00
Total = $ 436.00

As you can see, the products are in , but the Subtotal etc are in $. This is not the case in the shopping carts, where all are in .

Any ideas on how I can rectify this? I'm OK with alterations to the CGI script, if you are clear with your instructions.

Thanks and regards,

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