St. Mary School 2020 Walk-a-Thon

St. Mary School
2020 Walk-a-Thon

January 31, 2020
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Use the form below to register a participant and/or create a unique participant link that you can share via email or any social media. This link will be unique to the student specified below and will help to ensure the student gets the proper credit when someone follows the link and makes an online donation in the student's name.

(And yes, if you forget this link for a specific participant, you can come back here and re-create it as many times as you like.)

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Participant Donation Report

Use the form below to generate a report that shows the current donations received by a participant. To use this form, just enter the email address you used when registering/creating the unique participant link above and then a donation report will be emailed to you.

(If the email address is associated with multiple participants, you will receive a donation report for each participant.)

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Collecting In-person Donations

Select the PDF icon below to download a .pdf form that you can print out and then use to record donations from your family, friends and neighbors.

Sponsors/Donation Sheet

A special thank you to all of our sponsors:

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The Rittenhouse Family

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