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"Shipping Modifier Variable -- no shipping"

Posted by Joyce Meyer [webmaster@mycottage.com] on at 00:58 AM
Please include a variable for NO SHIPPING re the shipping modified parameter so we can offer
FREE SHIPPING/NO SHIPPING on selected items.


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"RE: Shipping Modifier Variable -- no shipping"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 10:19 PM
So you want to be able to mark some items as having no shipping charge? That is already on the future feature wishlist.... but usually there is a way to work-around it now. For instance, if you compute the shipping charges based on WEIGHT... then you could simply set the WEIGHT parameter of items that have no shipping charge to "0".... effectively flagging those items as having no shipping fee. There are also options for just utilizing the "shipping_modifier" parameter of each applet to get the same effect. So think about that... and/or give me a description of your shipping calculations, and I may be able to suggest something.