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"qmail" vs. "sendmail"

Posted by Drew [cafugate@tropical-media.com] on at 04:58 PM
I've installed the freebie version of uShop on a Linux server, and everything works fine EXCEPT: I get no email notification sent to either me or the customer. I've tried every troubleshooting tip listed, to no avail. My hosting company says that instead of using "sendmail" my server uses "qmail". However, they say that qmail can use a "wrapper" to emulate sendmail, and that should do the trick. But they don't explain exactly how to do it. Any help here?? I really like uShop, and will definitely upgrade to a purchased version...once I get this snag figured out. HELP!!!

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"RE: "qmail" vs. "sendmail""
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 07:04 PM
I believe you can use qmail instead of sendmail by simply specifying the path of qmail on your server instead of sendmail. That is, instead of specifying the $sendmail_path configuration question in the uShop CGI script as something like this:

$sendmail_path = "/usr/lib/sendmail";

Just specify it as something like this:

$sendmail_path = "/usr/lib/qmail";

... where the "/usr/lib/qmail" is whatever the path to qmail on your server is.

"Me Too"
Posted by EmporerEJ [ejwhite@inetconnect.com] on at 02:58 AM
How did you fix this?
You are describing my problem, but I'm on a win2k server.
it uses mail.exe, and the cart acts like it's all good, but doesn't send the customer or me the order.

"RE: Me Too"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 07:54 AM
If you are trying to use "qmail" instead of "sendmail".... then try removing the "-n" as described at this posting:


But "qmail" is more of a UNIX server thing...

If you have a Windows server and the built-in SOCKETS and BLAT email options are not working..... then I would suggest submitting a support request (if you have a license number) or just sending an email to support@uburst.com (if you are using one of the trial versions). We have versions of the uShop scripts that use of various other email techniques for various servers/mail programs.