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"Font Sizes displayed on Screen"

Posted by J Meyer [jjscottage@aol.com] on at 05:41 PM
Hello... just making a simplistic comment about posts regarding the size of fonts when reading orders, etc.

Yes...there are controls for this in the scripts/html BUT...

Check the font size setting in your browser. My browser (I.E. 5.x [via AOL] has a nasty, pesty habit of reverting to "small" everytime I re-open my browser. Once I set it to "medium" the font size displayed is comparable to Netscape, "design size" or "standard" size. If I'm having a REALLY "red eye" day I set it up to LARGE.

The size will also be effected by what the montior display is set at on the user end. You won't know if someone is viewing in 800x600 or large (or smaller-for that matter.)

End user settings and montior controls also are a bugger when I have a client comment. "Oh, can you make it darker?" I'm sitting here thinking "DARKER?! are they ****? You won't even be able to read the text if you make it much darker? Turns out there are a great number of end users that have their brightness cranked up to the max. (Or they don't have a monitor that has accessible adjustments.)

A good reminder to consider the variations in end user settings....


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"Good suggestion"
Posted by Joseph Pishgar [support@uburst.com] on at 09:19 AM
Good suggestion...
Changing resolution up higher or system font helps too.