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"Yet another problem"

Posted by Matt Kachurak [kacmatt@home.com] on at 08:20 PM

Dealing with Joseph with this problem with the images not showing up... NOW, I run into a problem when going into the confirmation of the order to choose the payment method. I get all/part/most of the hidden fields displayed in the page above/below the buttons for payment. I've deleted all cache, tried again. I've uploaded all templates and pages again that use this and still the same?? I've never run into more problems with this on USHOP 2?, Why am I running into it on 3?

Someone please take a look and see what YOU can come up with?

http://balder.prohosting.com/~kachurak, click on the link "Go Shopping" and complete the form, just DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT submit payment!!

Thanks all,
Matt Kachurak

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"RE: Yet another problem"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 09:39 PM
In regard to the images not being displayed, keep in mind that the images displayed on the search/browse results page are just standard HTML IMG links. So worse comese to worse, instead of using a relative directory path to your images, you can specify the "image_directory" parameter of your uShopBrowse applet to just ""... and then just specify the image field in your data file as the FULL URL to your images.

As for why the relative directory is not working for you...I'm not exactly sure....for based on your directory structure, ../images/25245.jpg should map properly to your image at:


My guess is just your server is not treating the relative directory path properly.

In fact, it appears that if you "right-click" on the image and select view image... the proper URL is linked to... but your server gives a "Page not found" error. However, if you actually type in the URL of your image... it shows up properly. So something weird is going on there.

I would just suggest using the afforemention full image URL trick... and see if that works on your server.


In regard to the hidden fields/HTML that are showing up on your order form... more than likely that it is a problem with 1) the format of your "order_template.html" file and/or 2) some of the "GENERAL SETTINGS" configured on the control panel. Send us 1) your "order_template.html" file and 2) the results of a uShop Control Panel "Diagnostic Report".... and we'll take a look at it.

"Not working either??"
Posted by Matt Kachurak [kacmatt@home.com] on at 08:43 AM
Well Bill,

I tried your suggestion, about placing the entire URL into the image_directory paramater and that didn't seem to work either.

I'm quite concerned now as to whether this host is going to be able to do this or not? I placed the URL of the CURRENT host into the image_directory as a quick fix to see if that worked, and it does.

I guess I'm confused as to why everything else works, except that?

Any insight or suggestions on how I present this to them before the decision of switching to their services?

Thanks, Matt

"RE: Not working either??"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 06:29 AM
I took a look at your diagnostics report and your order template and I don't see anything that would be causing the HTML on your order form to be corrupted/displayed. Furthermore, since you mentioned that you've tried starting over from scratch several times (ie. reinstalling the unmodified "order_template.html" file and uShop CGI scripts).... It leads me to believe that your server may be having a problem outputting the large amount of HTML on that order page. That is, since all of that HTML is output from the script... if the server load was high and/or there was some network problem, some of the HTML may be getting cut off. As a test, try disabling some of your order options. For instance, instead of using the "Credit Card", "Electronic Check", "Print", and "Contact Me" payment options.... just try using the one of the payment options -- such as "Print" -- and see if it everything shows up ok. If it does show up ok, then the problem is probably related to server load.

"Tried it... same issue"
Posted by Matt Kachurak [kacmatt@home.com] on at 09:50 AM

I tried doing as you instructed only to find the same thing happening. I'll be contacting them to see what is happening with the cgi script and if in fact server load is having an effect on things. Again, this portion is hosted free, I wanted to make sure that what I pay for is what I'm actually going to be able to use!

Thanks, and I'll let you know how things come out with this and if you can help out later.

Matt Kachurak

"RE: Tried it... same issue"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 09:54 PM
Sometimes the most obvious.....

I took another look at your site to see what was happening when you just enabled the "Contact Me" payment option only.... and while looking at it, I finally noticed that BIG banner add that seems to be getting automatically inserted at the top of your page. I'm sure that banner add that is being added by your "prohosting.com" server is what is throwing off the order form HTML and causing the problem.