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"Why is THIS happening?? (slightly confused!!)"

Posted by Matt Kachurak [kacmatt@home.com] on at 10:35 PM
OK... something a bit strange here. I'm getting ready to switch to a new hosting company and testing the CGI capabilities and speed of the servers and everything works fine, except one thing?

Using NS 4.78 and IE 6.0. Frames page at http://balder.prohosting.com/~kachurak/ , click on the "Go Shopping" link and test the applets. There's a search and a browse. The problem is this>>> Using IE, You can view the pictures. In NS, you can't? Same page, same structure, same applets, nothing changes? Why is this happening? I've even tried changing the directory structure to include everything but the images in the same folder as the htm files, but that shouldn't make a difference right? It STILL didn't work? I don't understand why!!

So, I guess I don't get it? Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks & Thoroughly confused!
Matt Kachurak
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"Hmmmm... seems that it's the host?"
Posted by Matt Kachurak [kacmatt@home.com] on at 12:09 PM
Well... after trying different methods and ideas, I can't come to any conclusions other than the following. The exact same directory structure is used at a new (existing host) location.


you'll see that it works fine in both IE and NS!!

Now, I guess I'm really looking for explanations from uburst support on this one~!


"RE: Hmmmm... seems that it's the host?"
Posted by Joseph Pishgar [support@uburst.com] on at 01:27 PM
Hello Matt,

Could be one of a few things, actually.
Netscape is finicky, as I've said time after time. Codebases have to be precise, and relative paths have to be *exact* to the server specifications. Which, could in fact be the second possible reason the images weren't showing up for you. Sometimes on an NT server, a "/" character left out can spell doom for getting something to show up in the browser.

"../images/25245.jpg" which is the path you have now to the images appears to be working in both IE and NS.

Joseph Pishgar
Support Engineer
Microburst Technologies, Inc.

"IE & NS not working"
Posted by Matt Kachurak [kacmatt@home.com] on at 02:35 PM

To which link are you referring that both IE and NS are working?, and what versions of both are you using?

link at websystemz.com is hosted on a virtual NT server, the other, balder.prohosting.com is on a unix box.


"RE: IE & NS not working"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 09:41 PM
Keep in mind that the images displayed on the search/browse results page are just standard HTML IMG links. So worse comese to worse, instead of using a relative directory path to your images, you can specify the "image_directory" parameter of your uShopBrowse applet to just ""... and then just specify the image field in your data file as the FULL URL to your images.

As for why the relative directory is not working for you...I'm not exactly sure....for based on your directory structure, ../images/25245.jpg should map properly to your image at:


My guess is just your server is not treating the relative directory path properly.

In fact, it appears that if you "right-click" on the image and select view image... the proper URL is linked to... but your server gives a "Page not found" error. However, if you actually type in the URL of your image... it shows up properly. So something weird is going on there.

I would just suggest using the afforemention full image URL trick... and see if that works on your server.