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"Some Hints for Accessing MySQL via ODBC"

Posted by Brian Levine [blevine@cfl.rr.com] on at 11:54 AM
Just a few hints I've learned when using the ODBC Connector (MyODBC) to access a MySQL database:

1. Use Double instead of Float datatypes
2. Include a Timestamp field
3. Always define a Primary Key
4. Avoid Blob datatypes.

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"your phpmysql integration notes"
Posted by webmissie on at 11:49 AM
in your notes you have the database username and password being displayed on the html page the you are using to call the fuction files. Am i reading that wrong, but isnt there a more secure way of doing this than showing the info on the html page

"Username and Password in Page Source"
Posted by Brian Levine [blevine@cfl.rr.com] on at 01:06 PM
Actually, while they are there in the page source, they will not show up in the generated web page, as it is PHP code that gets interpreted out at the server. As long as you have the directory on your server protected, no one will ever see the username and password.