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"Order specification"

Posted by Victoria on at 11:34 AM
Hello again.
On one of My UReserve reservation forms I have a list of 10 laptops.
Ideally I would like to have a list starting from 1 and ending at 10 but this is not the case.
I was wondering if you new how put these fields into a specific order?

Thanks for your time


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"RE: Order specification"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 09:53 PM
By default, the resources will be listed in alphabetical order. So try giving the resources names that will let them fall into the desired order.

Or as another option, you can try to manually edit the "resource-data.txt" file that is located in your data directory. Each resource is listed on a separate line in that file... so you can use any text editor to reorder the resources as desired. (NOTE: If you decide to modify the "resource-data.txt" file... then be sure to transfer it to/from your server in ASCII transfer mode (as opposed to BINARY transfer mode).