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Posted by Andy Sismey [andy@ghostcomputers.co.uk] on at 09:18 AM
I am having problems setting up the mail side of the script, I have contacted the people hosting the site and they don't seem to understand SOCKETS
they use JMAIL or CDONTS, can you give me any more
info on this.

Thanks for your help !

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Posted by Bill Weiner on at 10:03 PM
A few questions:

1) Based on your comment that you are trying to use the SOCKETS email method, I'm guessing you have a Windows server?

2) Have you went ahead and tried the SOCKETS email anyway... by just setting the $gen_email_method variable to "SOCKETS" and the $gen_smtp_address setting to the IP address of your mail server?

3) Did you get any error messages when trying the "SOCKETS" email method? Or did the script timeout?

4) If the "SOCKETS" email method did not work for you, try making this adjustment to the script: Locate the following two lines:

$AF_INET = 2; # Use these 2 settings for NT servers.

And change them to:

$AF_INET = 1; # Use these 2 settings for NT servers.

5) If the SOCKETS email method STILL does not work for you, then we may be able to implement the "custom_email_method" subroutine in the script for you.... in order to use one of the email utilities/services on your server that are available for use by CGI scripts. Unfortunately, I'm not familiar with "JMAIL" or "CDONTS" ... so I would need to see some other CGI script on your server that is successfully sending email with one of those utilities. I could then try to implement it into the uReserve script for you.

6) Otherwise, if you don't have an example of a CGI script on your server that is successfully sending email with "JMAIL" or "CDONTS"... then do you have any CGI scripts on your server that are using any email utility to send email? Perhaps, WindMail? Or Mail::Sender? Or Blat? Or IIS Mail Service?

Note: Send any of the above mentioned example scripts to us at support@uburst.com