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"Data Validation Error with IE"

Posted by Rita [rita@teamcreations.com] on at 03:41 AM
After I have done my cart (using uShop V3.01) and testing it intensively with Netscape 4.72 I actually thought I could lean back and I am done. Everything was fine.
Now I tested the cart with IE 5 and found that the cart is stuck with IE. After hitting the [continue] button on the display_cart.html page, IE continues with showing a "Data Validation Error" page.
So what the heck is that coming from?? As I said, it never shows with Netscape - only with IE.

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"RE: Data Validation Error with IE"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 05:47 AM
That error message indicates that the checksum generated on the Java side is not matching the checksum on the CGI side.

Give me the URL and I will take a look at it.

""Data Validation Error""
Posted by hamermoore [davidschwacke@aol.com] on at 07:36 PM
The site I am developing with uShop is also giving me a "Data Validation Error" page.

"RE: Data Validation Error with IE"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 11:17 AM
That data validation error occurs when the checksum calculated on uShop's Java-side doesn't equal the checksum calculated on uShop's CGI-side.

What is interesting is that it appears the error is being caused by the "display_cart.html" page being displayed in UNICODE encoding instead of the Standard Western European encoding. ... And I believe this throws off the checksum.

We will do some more investigating ourselves and then will release an update if necessary... but in the mean time, below are some instructions on how to disable that checksum-checking ... since it really isn't needed anyway:

Step 1. Open the file ushop-lib.pl with any text editor such as Word Pad or NotePad.

Step 2. Do a search on the following line:


(There will be one occurrance of that line).

Step 3. Comment out that line by placing a "#" sign in front of it, like this:


Step 4. Save the file (as TEXT if your editor asks) and then try it out!