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"Order form and cart problem"

Posted by Ben Muis [bmuis@topactif.com] on at 07:10 PM
I have a very specific problem with the order form and cart.

If you go to http://www.topactif.com/clients/transmittersrus/products/shopfm.htm and ad some items to the cart.

Then you can go to 'view cart' and 'checkout' and all works fine.

But when you have been on the 'checkout' page and leave it, you cannot return to it.

The applets blank out and from that moment on nothing works anymore.

So go to the checkout, then go back to the view cart, then go to the checkout again and BINGO.

What can I do to stop this from happening?

Thanks and regards,

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"RE: Order form and cart problem"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 07:28 AM
uShop 2.x

I took a brief look at your uShop 2.x (using Netscape 4.7) ... and was able to see the problem sometimes... but not all of the time. Since you have a small version of the shopping cart on all of your pages, it shouldn't matter anyway whether the "View Cart" page was viewed first or not. What may be causing the occasional problem is the fact that you have 2 shopping cart applets along with the order form applet on your "Checkout" page. That is, all three of those uShop 2.x applet are "multithreaded"... and perhaps having all three on the same page is sometimes causing the threads to hang.

I would suggest first making sure that you are using a version of uShop 2.x that was released on or after 02/17/00 (version 2.1), as listed at:


... because several improvements where made to the uShop 2.x threading issues there.

And if that doesn't solve the problem, then you may just have to remove 1 or both of the uShop 2.x cart applets from your checkout page.

Posted by Ben Muis [bmuis@topactif.com] on at 09:53 AM
Thanks for the tips here. I'll give it a go.

Thanks for your level of customer service!


Ben Muis

"Just this...."
Posted by Ben Muis [bmuis@topactif.com] on at 10:24 AM
This update on the PL script of 08/21/00 where there is more security:

I went throught the wizard process and it came up with a 1Kb file that just has:
uShop MessageuShop Setup WizardCopyright (c) 1997-1999, Microburst Technologies, Inc.
in it.

Can I not just get the full PL file and amend it without a wizard?

That would be much easier for me, and as your files are well documented I won't have a problem doing this.

Ben Muis

"RE: Just this...."
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 12:26 PM
We've had someone else mentioning that they were having a problem using the uShop 2.x CGI Setup Wizard. We're looking into it.

In the mean time, try one of these suggestions:

1) Maybe try right-clicking on the link when downloading the wizard-generated file.

2) Or if possible, maybe try using a different browser type with the wizard.

3) Or worse, comes to worse, just download the regular uShop 2.x zip file from:


... that uShop 2.x zip file should have the latest version of the ushop_cgiscript in it. (script version 2.35).

Posted by Ben Muis [bmuis@topactif.com] on at 01:03 PM
That means I already had it!!