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"ushopOrderButton problem"

Posted by Andy Wilson [kow@globalnet.co.uk] on at 03:43 AM
I've posted this at the end of another query relating to cgi scripts but this might be a more appropriate section. The ShopOrderButton is displaying the image but when I click on it I'm getting a very brief 'Please Wait' followed by a blank. I've checked with the 'troubleshooting' section and have made sure the final forward slash is included and that I'm using the default codebase. This is all being tested in my HotMetal browser on which the demo site works fine.
My second problem relates to the order template. My HotMetal design package is prompting me to change the 3 tags 'ushop instructions', 'ushop shipping instructions' and 'ushop footer' simply to 'ushop' saying there is a problem with the attributes of the tag and it won't let me save the template without changing these. Any ideas?

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"RE: ushopOrderButton problem"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 05:58 AM
In regard to seeing a blank page after pressing the uShopOrderButton applet, that problem will pretty much be due to one of the two problems described in item #5 at:


(As you mentioned you checked). But since you mention that you are using the default code (I assume codebase="../classes/" for ALL of your applets)... it really should be working.

Question #1) Can you tell if your "template_cart.html" page (located in your classes directory) is successfully being read? If you view your browser's "Java Console"... you would see error messages if the file was not read.

Question #2) Otherwise, if you give me a URL where I can try it out... I'll take a look at it.

In regard to HotMetal giving you warning messages for the "ushop" tags....I've never heard of that before. Perhaps there is an option with your HotMetal editor to turn "off" such warnings. In any case, it is very important that those tags are included on the "order_template.html" page because the uShop CGI script will search for them and dynamically replace them with the shopping cart and other information during the order process.

So if worse comes to worse, just use a regular text editor to edit that "order_template.html" page and make sure those special "ushop" tags are in there.

"template cart fixed"
Posted by Andy Wilson [kow@globalnet.co.uk] on at 07:52 AM
When I looked at template cart.html as you suggested I found that it had been corrupted in the same way as I described for the order_template i.e. the tags had been altered when saving my edited version. I reloaded the original and all is now working. I'll contact HotMetal about why this is happening.
Thanks again.