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"Please help getting crazy"

Posted by marcel emmen [info@emmenmode.nl] on at 05:48 PM
Hi there,

I'm getting crazy.
My site at http://www.emmenmode.com is ready for almost 95% but something very strange is happening with the uShopInput5.class when i test it in Netscape 6.01 (in IE 5.5 it's no problem)

I use a database to generate the pages. Everything is working fine. If i go to the shoppingpart (lets say the men's department) and select a brand the articles show up and the applet shows oke! Also if i do a search form the main page everything is working fine.

But if i select the popup menu (new articles since..) on the main page http://www.emmenmode.com/html/index_en.html
Lets say 4 days old all articles show up but the applet not; Netscape gives a error which says: Bad magic number

The problem only exist if i use the (new articles since) options. But the strange thing is that the script calls the exact same database when i do this from a search or a department!

Microsoft IE gives no problem and shows everything ok.

Please let me know what this error means or better if you can find the problem?

Thanks a lot.


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"RE: Please help getting crazy"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 05:46 AM
"Bad Magic Number" errors are usually caused by not transferring the class files to your server in BINARY transfer mode. However, since the applets work fine on Netscape 4.x, IE 5.x, and even on Netscape 6 when you are browsing the different departments.... I'm not sure why you are getting a "Bad Magic Number" error only when using your "View New Articles" option.

I did notice that for your "View New Articles" option, you first call the script "whatsnewen.cgi"... which seems to redirect to the "db.cgi" script... but I don't see why that would cause a problem.

What you may want to try, however, is setting the codebase of ALL of your applets to be the FULL URL of your classes. That is, usually when pages with the uShop applets are being dynamically generated, you must use the FULL URL of your classes as opposed to a relative URL. Hopefully making that change would not be difficult:

1. change the codebase setting in your database
2. set the special codebase PARAMETER of your uShopOrderButton
3. change the codebase setting of the uShopJSI applet on your display_cart.html page

And see if that resolves the problem.