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"uTest - Grade/Score Sheet"

Posted by Bob Bruce [btbobbruce@btinternet.com] on at 02:24 AM
I am currently evaluating uTest for use on a company Internet Site. So far uTest is the best product I have seen for allowing complete formatting control and overall look.
Does the cgi script on the full product, allow the grade/score to be posted together with the answers? Or is the grade only displayed to the user sitting the test.
It will be an important requirement for me that the staff member receiving the results doesn't have to manually add up the scores.

Regards, Bob Bruce

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"RE: uTest - Grade/Score Sheet"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 06:45 AM
Thanks for the nice compliments :^)

In regard to CGI script allowing the answers and graded test to be submitted together... the answer is "sort of". What I mean by this is that the entire "online_option" was designed to just provide the ability to submit all of the answers to the CGI script on the server. Due to various ways people wanted to process the answers (grading, displaying, generating statics, adding to database, etc.)... we intentionally left the CGI script to be very basic.... with the intention that it could be customized as needed. Right now, all the CGI script will do is write the answers to a data file and optionally send email notifications.

As described in section 6 of the uTest Programmer's Guide:


.... you can customize the script as needed. The "write_answer_sheet", "process_answers", and "create_thankyou_page" subroutines were left well commented with the intention that they could be customized for each specific need. (A grade answers option would most likely entail customizing the "process_answers" subroutine and the "create_thankyou_page" subroutine.)

Note that customization of the CGI script will, of course, require some knowledge of Perl programming.

"E-mailing Personal Info and Test Grade"
Posted by Farid Arbi [farbi@uwo.ca] on at 08:59 AM
Dear reader,

Your package is a great product but not being able
to send the Grade with the personal Information
will not allow us to use this wonderful package.
I would like to know the steps in finding the
process_answers and create_thankyou_page
subroutine so that I can modify the script.

Thank you in advance for your help.
Farid Arbi

"Re: E-mailing Personal Info and Test Grade"
Posted by MIcroburst Support Team [support@uburst.com] on at 12:00 PM
You should look at the brief suggestions in Section #6 of the uTest
Programmer's Guide:


... and use them in correlation with the utest.pl script that can be found
in the "cgi" directory when you unzipped the full version of uTest. The
"utest.pl" script has been well commented and kept simple so that it should
be easy to follow. Note, however, that some knowledge of Perl programming
is required.

Consult the support team if you need any specific information. support@uburst.com