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"am/pm & field preferences."

Posted by Victoria [victoria@lore.co.uk] on at 08:33 AM
I have managed to solve the problems with configuring 2 separate booking forms-thanks for your help.

With great regret I have more questions! -Sorry to be a pain.

Is it possible to replace the time values from 8:00,8:30.... to AM and PM?

Also by default the general resource field names are: ~
I know how to rename these properties but ideally I would only like to have 3 fields instead of 4. I have tried this but when I viewed in the UReserve schedule, I was left with a ":" and a large space between two other fields.
If anyone could help me I would be grateful.

Thank you for your time.

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"RE: am/pm & field preferences."
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 10:02 PM
Right now (as of uReserve 2.0) the only am/pm option is whether to show times in military (24-hour) time format or standard (am/pm) time format. This preference is controlled by the "gen_time_format" setting at the top of the script.

As for changing the number of reservation fields from 4 to 3... that is not an option at this time... and unfortunately, I can't give you any instructions on how to manually modify the script (to remove the 4th field) because the number of fields are tightly associated with the flat-file database... and so the number of changes to remove one of the fields is quite involved. What I would suggest is just trying to think of a 4th field that would fit with your resource type... even if it isn't a required field.

"Is this a solution?"
Posted by Rob on at 02:09 PM
I also wanted to reduce the number of fields to 3.
I Remed out the line I didn't need:

#$resource_field4 = "Phone";

It no longer shows up in the reservation window, is this a solution to the un-needed 4 field?

Will this cause any problems with the script?