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"Configuring $reserve_field's"

Posted by Andy Sismey [andy@ghostcomputers.co.uk] on at 08:05 AM
Is it possible to add more fields as we are using it so customers can book there cars in for estimations and apart from the defaults we need to ask car reg, make and colour

Thanks for your help


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"RE: Configuring $reserve_field's"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 00:21 AM
Unfortunately, no, there is no way to increase the number of reservation fields at this time (at least not without making some MAJOR changes to the script ... because additional fields would cause a change in the data format).

As a work-around however, maybe you can sacrifice one of the existing fields to be "Reg, Make, Color".... so the user just enters those values all as part of the same field. For example, instead of having a "notes" field, change:

$reserve_field4 = "Notes";

At the top of the script to:

$reserve_field4 = "Reg, Make, Color";

Maybe that will do for now?