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"Applets not showing Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Posted by Daniel Clark [daniel@webcreation.co.uk] on at 05:15 AM
hi can any one help, every morning when i get it my applets dont work on my server and i have to restart the whole server to correct the problem. My server is running Linux Red hat and Apache webserver could it be my configuration although the problem has only started happening recently and i have had Ushop working for nearly a year now

thank you

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"RE: Applets not showing Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 06:17 AM
The applets actually run on your local browser... and NOT on your server, so restarting the server will have no effect on the appearance of the applets.

More than likely, the problem is related to your browser. Have you made any changes/updates to your browser lately?

"Applets not showing Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Posted by Daniel Clark [daniel@webcreation.co.uk] on at 06:24 AM
Hi bill thanks for you reply

unfortunatly it didnt help with my prob i have 5 machines in my office all identical in setup and software 3 machines before the restart can see all of the java applets and two cant as soon as i restart the server they all can see the applets so it cant be a browser problem as they all run the same browser with the same settings

"RE: Applets not showing Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 06:20 AM
Java Applets ".class" files are served from your server just as any other ".gif" or ".html" page is served. The Java Applets are then run locally on your browser.... and are not run/executed by your server at all.... So rebooting your server will not have any effect on whether the applets appear or not on your browser.

So, with that in mind:

1) What type of browser and (local) operating system are you using?

2) If you give me the URL, I will take a look at it.

Posted by Daniel Clark [daniel@webcreation.co.uk] on at 05:52 AM
Hi bill thanks for all you help

in the office we use windows 2000 running IE 5.5

the address of the site is www.atlas-menswear.com

if you could take a look at it that would be great

"RE: help!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 07:01 AM
I took a look at your uShop 2.x site at:


with both IE 5.5 and Netscape 4.7.

Everything appeared to work fine with IE 5.5.

Everything also appeared Ok with Netscape 4.7... except one time the first 5 applets on your "suits" page did not show up... until I manually pressed reload.

Overall, however, everything seems to be working fine.

I did go ahead and took at look at your HTML anyway to see if I could recognize anything that would cause such a problem as you are describing...and the only thing that may be causing a problem are your TABLE/CELL WIDTHS. That is, I noticed on your pages that you set the main < TABLE > WIDTH to "508" while the individual cells in each row are set to "200" (for the picture cell)... and no specified width for the applet cell. Since your applets have a width of "500"... the "200" + "500" is greater than the overall table width of "508". I have seen such table WIDTH inconsistencies cause problems with IE... and really the recommended thing to do is to make sure you manually set the WIDTH of any table cells with applets in them. So in your case, you may want to try to set the table cells with your applets to have a WIDTH of something like "510"... and then increase the overall WIDTH of your main table to "710".

"Applets not showing Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Posted by Daniel Clark [daniel@webcreation.co.uk] on at 04:22 AM
thanks bill i will try what you suggested
fingers crossed