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"Incorrect Price on uShopInput7.class"

Posted by D. Edwards [theonpc@theonpc.com] on at 07:56 PM
I've set the uShopInput7.class according to the following:

the problem is, that when i look at the page, it's only displaying $50.00. Check it out at

What is the problem here?

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"RE: Incorrect Price on uShopInput7.class"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 06:52 AM
I think some of the HTML that you were posting did not show up correctly in this forum, so I just went ahead and took a look at your site. I tried your site with both Netscape and IE... and the prices in both of your "uShopInput7" applets seemed to show up properly based on whatever selections I made... So I'm guessing you corrected the problem already?

If not, then the only thing that I see that may be causing a problem is the fact that you use the "-" in some of your options. Normally that "-" is treated as special indicator to "subtract" a specified amount from the price when that option is selected. However, since you are also using the "+" sign in those options... the "+" modifier is overriding the "-" sign that you have in such words as "CD-ROM".... so it all works out fine anyway. But just be aware of that.

In any case, if you are still seeing the problem let me know and I will take another look at it.