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"Still Can't See Amplets when using MAC w/IE4 "

Posted by mike [mike@mpgsys.com] on at 05:20 PM
please check my site..http://www.lindenhillartbooks.com
try to add items and check out....the amplets does not show...this only happens in with the macs. Unfortunately the class files are in the root url folder...would this pose a problem ever if i set the codebase to the root folder...eg. https:\\www.lindenhillartbooks.com\ ?


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"RE: Still Can't See Amplets when using MAC w/IE4"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 06:23 AM
I took a look at your uShop 2.x site, and the only thing I saw that may cause a problem (on any browser) is on your "place-order.htm" page. That is, on the applet on that page:

1) You should add the CODEBASE setting to that applet.... so that it matches the CODEBASE of all of your other applet:

codebase= "https://www.lindenhillartbooks.com/"

2) Also, the scriptpath parameter of that applet should be changed from:




(Use two forward slashes instead of one back slash.... just like regular URLs).

As for overall performance of the applets on IE running on a Macintosh, see the following URL for the latest information:


(Although the testing performed there was done with uShop 3.x... I believe it also applies to uShop 2.x)

"MAC OS Browsers"
Posted by Mike [mike@mpgsys.com] on at 09:54 AM
Thank you for replying. I inserted the codebase settings in the place-order.htm. Thanks again for that hint. I still can't get the mac browser IE4.5 to see the amplets. I read the stats but unfortunately our customer(lindenhillartbooks) is using a mac w/AOL 4.0. what can i advice then about this mac problem?....any other suggestions?

"RE: MAC OS Browsers"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 10:42 AM
Unfortunately, until the Mac version of IE is fixed to properly handle "static" classes and "static" variables across pages... there is not much that can be done for Mac IE users. I would just recommend putting a note somewhere on your website saying that "Macintosh users must use Netscape." It's not the best solution, but that's it for now.