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"ushop and Netscape 6 display problems"

Posted by D. Edwards [dee@deeztech.com] on at 11:41 AM
hello, I'm having a problem with Netscape 6 refusing to display the applets. IE 5 and Netscape 4.x are displaying just fine, but Netscape 6 is refusing to display them. Any thoughts?

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"RE: ushop and Netscape 6 display problems"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 02:58 PM
I believe Netscape 6 does not default to having Java enabled... so make sure that you do have Java enabled.

Otherwise, the applets should be working fine with Netscape 6. See my assessment of applet performance and Netscape 6 at the following posting:


"Still no display and Netscape 4.x is missing....."
Posted by D. Edwards [dee@deeztech.com] on at 00:12 AM
Netscape 6 is refusing to display the entire applet. Netscape 4.x is displaying most of the applet but it leaves out the "add" button (duh) and the very top menu choice. Check out this link and see if you can help figure this thing out.


"RE: Still no display and Netscape 4.x is missing....."
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 07:33 AM
I took a look at your site and saw the problems that you are describing with both Netscape 4.73 (the top menu choice being cut off) and Netscape 6 (most of the menu options not appearing)... so then I viewed the source of your HTML page... and tried a couple things locally in order to determine the problem/solution:

1) The reason why Netscape 4.x is cutting off the first menu item... is simply because the HEIGHT of your applet is not large enough. To correct that problem, just try increasing the HEIGHT of your applet.... and don't forget to increase the HEIGHT of that < TABLE > cell too. When I just tried your applet out locally on a test page here, I saw that a HEIGHT of 800 will work .. but you may be able to use something a little less...such as 750. But again, whatever height you use, be sure to also increase your < TABLE > cell HEIGHT too (from 712 to 800... or whatever HEIGHT you choose).

2) As for Netscape 6, while testing out your applet settings on a test HTML page here... As soon as I corrected the Netscape 4.x problem by increasing the HEIGHT of the applet... the applet also worked fine with Netscape 6. So go ahead an make the HEIGHT correction described above... and see if that corrects it for you in Netscape 6 also. If not, then the problem may have to do with the extra < APPLET > line that you have at the top of your code (you actually have two lines there instead of just one).... and/or possibly the extra > symbol that you have after your last "text_color" parameter. So try removing them and see if that makes the difference.

"It worked!!"
Posted by D. Edwards [dee@deeztech.com] on at 01:04 PM
Thank you very much. Increasing the size and removing the extra tag worked like a charm. Thank you very much.