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"ALT image"

Posted by Ken Etter [ketter@msktd.com] on at 04:59 PM
I am currently using a version which states: $version = "1.01 AM PM";

When I pass over the image with my cursor, the Name of the person who reserved the time is displayed.

I have since downloaded version 2. It has features we need...but how do I get it display the name like the version we have been using?

Ken Etter

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"RE: ALT image"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 09:17 PM
In uReserve 2.0, the "ALT" message that is displayed when moving the mouse cursor over the reserve icon is whatever text you configure as the "$reserve_image_alt" setting at the top of the script.

If instead you want that "ALT" to display the name of the person who reserved the resource, here are some instructions on how to modify the script:

STEP 1: Make a backup of your current ureserve.pl script.... just in case.

STEP 2: Open your ureserve.pl script with any text editor such as WordPad.

STEP 3: Do a search on the following text:


STEP 4: Replace the above text with this text:

alt=\"" . $key_value_pairs[$data_index - 5] . "\"

STEP 5: Save the file (as TEXT if your editor asks)... and try it out!

"RE: ALT image"
Posted by Ken Etter [ketter@msktd.com] on at 02:41 PM
Thanks for the assistance!