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"uShopDiscount2.class Bug - V3.15"

Posted by James on at 09:32 PM
After clearing cache bugs after testing upgrade v3.15 everything works fine except the much needed uShopDiscount2.class applet.

applet will not start when posted on any page.

Java console:

JavaScript Error: uncaught Java exception
java/lang/NoSuchFieldError ("uShopData: field
classificationDiscount Ljava/lang/String; not found")

When discount_table is commented out applet starts, but obviously has no effect.

All Classes updated and cgi. I am also using the java script button with quantity to input cart.

Any suggestions much needed. I can't continue until this is fixed.

Thanks again,

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"Never Mind.... It's Fine.."
Posted by James on at 10:56 PM
I found that you have to completely reinstall complete cart. You cannot setup with any files from earlier versions. One of which I suspect is:
ushop-settings.txt. You must start from scratch if you want it work right.

I have a client that is looking at a $3500 cart, merchantec is 15,000. They may have a few more bells and whistles ie: inventory control but this cart is very competitive in features and the cost..;) I am using with mysql and php with great success.

Thanks again, this cart is awesome,

"Never Mind.."
Posted by James on at 10:59 PM
I found entire cart has to be reinstalled. You cannot have any existing previous files.

Works just fine..

Great cart, thanks again,