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"Changing the order receipt"

Posted by jlighthall [jeff@lightningfence.com] on at 11:05 AM
I know you can add a back button to another URL on the Order Receipt Page. My question is, can i add a snippet of HTML to the order receipt so I can include a link for Bizrate. In other words I need people to be able to click on a link so they can fill out a survey about my company. It needs to be a certain html snipet provided to me by Bizrate and not just a URL.

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"modifying the order receipt"
Posted by Charlie Edmunds [cedmunds@uburst.com] on at 08:07 PM

Not without modifying the script in this version of uShop but likely in the next release. Have you submitted a support request?


Thanks, Charlie Edmunds

"RE: Changing the order receipt"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 12:06 PM
The only way to add custom HTML to your order receipt page at this time is to make a modification to the ushop_cgiscript. To do this, open the ushop_cgiscript in any text editor and take a look at the "show_receipt" subroutine. You should be able to recognize the HTML in that subroutine and what would need to be modified to add your own custom HTML.