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"Clearing Buyer Information"

Posted by Jason Gasper [JGasper@blazenetme.net] on at 05:40 PM
I have loaded U-Shop onto my web site, and am very pleased so far, but I have run into one unexpected issue.

The URL is:

My problem is that when I leave (totally close out Netscape and re-boot) after placing an order, and then come back to the shop to test placing a new order, all the personal information I typed in previously (Name, Address, etc.) on the order page is still there for my new order.

My concern is that every new customer will be able to see the last customer's demographic information.

I know I can expect this if I move from one site to another within a single browser session, but I didn't think this was what I should expect if I move from one computer to another, or close down Netscape and then start it up again.

Comments, suggestions?

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"RE: Clearing Buyer Information"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 07:00 AM
The ability to "remember customer information" is a new feature added to version 3.3. It works by setting a cookie on the customer's browser with the customer's billing/shipping address. Cookies are stored on each individual's browser... so no user will get someone elses billing/shipping address. It is just specific to each user... with the order forms being clear the first time a customer buys something from you... and the order forms being automatically initialized the next time the same customer buys something from you (so they don't have to continuously enter all of their information each time they purchase something from you).

This new feature, by default, is always on... however, if you really want to turn it off, then you can do so by opening the "ushop-lib.pl" file (with any TEXT editor) and changing the following line (which is located at the very top of that file) from:

$remember_customer = "YES";


$remember_customer = "NO";

But again, there is no worry about other customer's seeing previous customer's address information because cookies are stored on each individual's browser.