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"oreder.template page"

Posted by Patrick [patrick9@flash.net] on at 10:59 AM
I build my pages using Adobe Pagemill. Eveything looks OK there. But, when I look at the page in either Netscape 4.72 or IE 5.0 it gets all squashed in the areas where the customer would input his/her name address, credit card info, etc. This is a bad thing right? Any Clues, Ideas, or help would be appreciated...


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"RE: oreder.template page"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 01:18 PM
It sounds like there is a slight different in the way Adobe Pagemill and Netscape/IE display the applet and/or fields in the applet. Try increasing the "HEIGHT" of your applet to give it a little extra breathing room. For example, try changing your order applet's HEIGHT



To something like:


And see if that helps put a little more separation between the fields on the form.