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"The applets don't show up. "

Posted by citras [citras@po.jaring.my] on at 06:13 AM
This is the website address:
Just check it and see. It does not come at all.

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"RE: The applets don't show up. "
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 02:07 PM
When I look at your site at:


..the only problem I see is that whenever you click on the links in your left frame... you get the following error displayed in your main frame:

"404 Not Found"

... which means you don't have the HTML pages (that those links are pointing to) on your server.

On a side note - The shopping cart applet in your left frame, however, did show up fine... but, I did notice that you are not using any CODEBASE to specify the location of the .class files. Be sure to read this reference page in regard to the use of the CODEBASE setting:


"Thank you"
Posted by Citras [citras@po.jaring.my] on at 06:30 AM
Dear sir,
Thanks. I managed to fix the problem. All i had to do is to upload all the .class files.