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"Pop Up Window - buy more"

Posted by Schwab Ralf [schwab.ralf@friseurversand.de] on at 01:45 PM

a suggestion for a comming ushop version:

If the customer starts the shopping-process
and have a order value of lets say US$ 90.00,
and at a order value of US$ 100.00 we charge
no shipping fee, there should appear a window,
which tells the customer: Buy for US$ 10.00 more,
and you have not to pay the shipping fee.

Good Idea ?


schwab ralf

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"RE: Pop Up Window - buy more"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 03:56 PM
Thanks for the suggestion.

Actually, you may be able to setup such a message window now by writing your own JavaScript function that will check the subtotal. To do this, on your "Place Order" page, try:

STEP 1: Add the "uShopJSI" applet somewhere your "Place Order" page. Usually this is done at the very bottom. See the "JavaScript Examples" in the uShop Applet Reference and/or the uShop Programmer's Guide for more information about putting hte "uShopJSI" applet on your page.

STEP 2: Upon putting the "uShopJSI" applet somewhere on your "Place Order" page, you can use the uShopJSI method "getSubtotal" to access the current subtotal. Do this using the syntax:

var subtotal = document.uShopJSI.getSubtotal();

STEP 3: Put that call to the "getSubtotal()" method in a JavaScript function such as:

function checkSubtotal()
if (document.uShopJSI != null)
var subtotal = document.uShopJSI.getSubtotal();
if (subtotal < 100.0)
alert("Reminder: We offer free shipping on all orders over $100.00");

STEP 4: Call that "getSubtotal()" function from somewhere on your "Place Order" page... perhaps via the "onLoad" in the BODY line of the page:

BODY BGCOLOR="#FFFFFF" onLoad="getSubtotal();"