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"Strange - Order Button is greyed out on local machine"

Posted by Rhett Russell [rrussell@naturalhorsesupply.com] on at 09:29 AM
I just unzipped the update version (10/3) from the site and now the uShopOrderButton.class applet does not work. This is on my local machine. I haven't done anything other than try to reference it. Everything else works on the pages that I am creating. Is there anything that I could be doing wrong? Here's the applet code, right out of the reference page. And, I do have a classes directory -- it's even spelled the same and has all the files.

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"RE: Strange - Order Button is greyed out on local machine"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 02:26 PM
The HTML that you posted didn't quite show up in this forum... but if your HTML worked before getting the 10/03/00 update, then it should still be working for you now. That is, that update does not require you to change any of your existing uShop 3.0 HTML.

What could be causing the problem, however, is if you didn't replace all of the older class files with the new one. That is, when upgrading, from uShop 3.0 to that latest 10/03/00 update, did you remember to replace ALL of the .class files on your server (and/or all the class files on your local computer if that is where you are testing it out)?

Also, upon updating, it would not hurt to clear out your browser's cache and exit the browser... so that all of the new class files get reloaded the next time you test out that page.

"Found the problem, but it's strange!"
Posted by Rhett Russell [rrussell@naturalhorsesupply.com] on at 09:14 AM
I found that I was getting Java IO exception errors using the order button applet because folder I was using on my local machine was buried about 5 levels down in the directory structure. Once I moved the folder to the root level the error messages go away. This is very strange since all of the other applets work like they are supposed to in this folder.

Anyways, I'm working now -- but a bit frustrated at spending an extra few days to de-bug something like this.