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"Cant view applets"

Posted by Ron Neville [info@nextcentury.com.au] on at 09:26 AM
I acn be on the NT server and type in the relative URL i.e. c:/inetpub/wwwroot/store/cart.htm and can see the applet but if I go to the address www.nextcentury.com.au/store/cart.htm I cant see the applet. Any suggestion?
I have upgraded from USHOP2 and it still works on the server. My problems started when most applets were working locally except the Order applet which I couldn't get to work. I had the image in the classes file directory and still no go.
The error I am getting is "NoSuchMethodError"
Regards, Ron

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"RE: Cant view applets"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 02:49 PM
I just took a look at your page at:


...and the shopping cart applet appears to be working fine now... so I'm guessing you figured out the problem? If not, let me know and I will take another look at it.

(On a side note, you might want to take a look at that page with Netscape... because the background on that page looks pretty funny with Netscape. Normal with IE, though).

In regard to the order applet, I can't get to your "checkout" page from the above cart.htm page... so give me the URL of that page and I will take a look at it.

"Cant view applets"
Posted by Ron Neville [nca1@nextcentury.com.au] on at 05:45 PM
Dear Bill,
I still cant view the applets but it must be something with IE5 if you can see them. I will install Netscape and check the page out.
The URL for the order form is http://www.nextcentury.com.au/store/order.htm

Thanks Ron.

"Cant view applets"
Posted by Ron Neville [nca1@nextcentury.com.au] on at 06:21 PM
Dear Bill,
One thing strange, On IE5 version 5.00.2314.1005 I can view the applets locally on my PC but once uploaded this version of IE5 cannot view them either. I checked with different locations and none of them could view the applets. I am going to upgrade my version to 5.5 but I will have to solve the issue as alot of people would still use the version above...What do you think?

"RE: Cant view applets"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 10:46 PM
I took a look at your page at:


And see that you have the codebase set to:


It is highly recommended that you use the default codebase of:


(It will make everything easier.)

Otherwise, you MUST specify the special codebase parameter of your order applet... and change the codebase of your "display_cart.html" page.

See the information at the following reference page:


for a full description.

That WILL correct the problem.

"Cant view applets"
Posted by Ron Neville [nca1@nextcentury.com.au] on at 02:21 AM
Thanks bill..My main problem is that I ver.2 working on the server and I didnt want to upset that system till I have 3 operating. I found that my problem seemed to be having the mixture of Trial and Registered classes together. I can now get past the commence order but the display_cart.html comes up with an error(possibly caused by using ../class/ instead of ../classes/?)

Could you please look at it www.nextcentury.com.au/store/orders.htm and see if you can see the prob.

If it wont affect ver. 2 ushop I will delete all class files in ../classes/ and re upload the class files.
Thank you...

"RE: Cant view applets"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 06:02 AM
I just took a look at your site and it looks like you already changed your http://www.nextcentury.com.au/store/order.htm page to use the "../classes/" codebase. There will be a problem if you still have the uShop 2.x classes in that "classes" directory..... so I hope you didn't totally remove those. What I would suggest is that during development, you develop your uShop 3.0 version of the store in another subdirectory.... that you may or may not want to rename when you get everything working. For instance if you already have uShop 2.x setup to use the classes in the directory:


And you don't want the uShop 3.0 classes to conflict with those in your "classes" directory, then try making a new directory such as:


and in that directory put your uShop 3.0 classes directory and any other html directories for holding the product information such as:


This way, you can still use the recommended "../classes/" codebase for the HTML pages in your "products" directory.... while not conflicting with your uShop 2.x classes.

Anyway, from looking at your site with Netscape, it appears that you are getting a "no such method" error message on your "display_cart.html" page... the first page that is displayed after you press your order button.

To view the source of that page, I then disabled Java and JavaScript on my browser so that I can take an accurate look at your page at:


... and it appears the bottom portion of that page has been cut off. That is, not only is it missing the closing BODY and HTML tags, but it is also missing the entire "DisplayCartHTML" JavaScript function.

Instead that page should look like the source of that page on our server:


(When viewed from a browser that has Java and JavaScript temporarily disabled).

So I would suggest taking a look at your "display_cart.html" file that is located in you classes directory and make sure that the file is not cut-off.