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"order_template.html v. order_template_aa.html"

Posted by lawrence [lawrence@calacreek.com] on at 11:18 PM
We had to rename the order_template.html to order_template_aa.html. I went into the Control Panel and made the change there and also pressed Apply. :)

The system works, the order_template_aa.html file is filled in with the appropriate information, until you click on the Continue button. Then this error message comes up: Unable to open ./aadata/order_template.html

Notice, that it is saying the OLD named file cannot be found. Of course it can't. :)

Something is still hanging onto the old name.

This can be viewed at:


Thanks for your assistance in where that may be would be appreciated. Also, if you have covered this somewhere on the site, I am more than happy to read the information. I have looked, but to no availe.


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"RE: order_template.html v. order_template_aa.html"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 07:18 AM
Hmmm... that is interesting.

In uShop 3.0, we originally were going to make each template page of the order process configurable, but then decided that there would be no reason to have a different "Order Form" page and "Review Order" page... (plus it would double the storeowner's efforts if he/she was to customize the template).

So what it sounds like is happening, is that the "order_template.html" file is still being initialized in both places in the "ushop-settings.txt" file....however, when changing the "order_template.html" file name...only the first value in the "ushop-settings.txt" file is being changed.... The file name being used for the "Review Order" page is not being changed.

We will look into it, but in the meantime, here are some steps to manually make the change to the "ushop-settings.txt" file yourself:

STEP 1: Use your FTP program to download the "ushop-settings.txt" file from the "data" directory on your server. (Be sure use ASCII or TEXT transfer mode when downloading the file.)

STEP 2: Use any text editor - such as WordPad to open the "ushop-settings.txt" file.

STEP 3: In that file, you should see line 27 properly set to your new order template name "order_template_aa.html" ... however, line 30 will probably still be named "order_template.html".

STEP 4: Change line 30 to your new "order_template_aa.html" name.

STEP 5: You may also have to make the change on lines 62 and 64 too. (But line 74 should be OK since that template is controlled by the Miscellaneous Settings Form on the Control Panel).

STEP 6: Save the file (as TEXT if your editor asks).

STEP 7: Use your FTP program to transfer the "ushop-settings.txt" file back to the data directory on your server. (Again, be sure to transfer the file in ASCII or TEXT transfer mode).

.... And try it out!

"RE: order_template.html v. order_template_aa.html"
Posted by Lawrence Kellie [lawrence@calacreek.com] on at 07:46 AM
Thanks for the quick response.

I have forwarded the information on to the webmaster of the secure site, asking him to make the changes. There was also another file we had to change the name (credit_template_aa.html) and I asked him to keep an eye out for it, too.

BTW, I really do enjoy the work you folks have put in version 3. It is a significant improvement over version 2. :)


"order_template.html v. order_template_aa.html"
Posted by Lawrence Kellie [l] on at 10:34 PM
That worked!

I did, just because the template file must be emailed and then uploaded by the host, make the changes to line 74 also.

It works very nicely. I really enjoy the new control panel!


"RE: order_template.html "
Posted by Bradley Edwards [bedwards@bradedwardsdesigns.com] on at 01:17 PM
Hello Folks,

I found this feature (bug?) to be very usefull!

When the the order_template.html page is presented for completion, in the area for the Tax selection it states, something like:

"For orders sent to {state}, please select the tax rate for that area:"

Well it says the same thing when displaying the info. on the confirmation page.

I made a copy of the order_template.html, I called it _order_template.html. for the order form, I set the template to this new copy(_order_template.html).

Then, to the original file I made the following change to the Tax section:

"The tax rate applied to this order is:"

This way, on confirmation it's telling them what was applied, because they cannot choose anything at this point. They would have to go back and change it if needed.

Most people would probably not be bothered by this but I know there a other perfectionists out there that WOULD.

I like the ability to have 2 different forms even if I only change one line of text. So I would say, make this a standard feature.

"RE: order_template.html"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 05:39 AM
What we'll probably do is just add the additional configuration fields to the uShop Control panel for specifying templates for each of the fields in the order process.