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"Answer Sheet Problem"

Posted by Dave Parker [dparker@archery-info.com] on at 11:20 AM
I have currently set up a ten question test that is running on my hard drive, everthing seems to work correctly except when it grades the answers even though the correct answer was choosen in the test, two of the answers are always shown with the incorrect gif displayed and not scored. IE:
in the test answer txt file, I have listed C as the correct answer for question 8, the systems grades the test and returns the following, question 8 answer choosen was C, the graded answer displays question 8 asnwer as C, then shows C is incorrect, even though the .txt file has C as the correct answer.

Thanks for any help anyone can provide.

Dave Parker

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"RE: Answer Sheet Problem"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 07:56 AM
When recording the answers on the answer key as just the chosen letter, such as:


... and so on.... a common problem is that the applet parameter "first_letter_only" is not set to "YES" in all of the applets.

So take a look at the applet that you are using for question #8 and make sure that the "first_letter_only" parameter is set to "YES":

< PARAM NAME="first_letter_only" VALUE="YES" >

And if that doesn't resolve the problem, send us the applet parameters (or HTML page) that you are using and a copy of the answer key and we'll see if we can spot the problem.