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"Formfields "

Posted by Marijke van Buul [redactie@vtv1.nl] on at 01:12 PM
We consider to buy uReserve, but we have a question about the reservation form. In the demo on your site (Conference rooms) one can fill in 4 fields (name, phone, email and notes) and an extra password field. After submitting this form anyone can click on the questionmark. A popup screen with all the reservation information appears. Is it possible to reduce the information in the popup screen to less fields (just name and email for instance)? The administrator on the other hand has to receive all information via email. Is this possible?

Marijke (The Netherlands)

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"RE: Formfields"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 05:45 AM
In uReserve 2.0, we have added the ability to email the adminstrator whenever a reservation is made. Furthermore, we also added the ability to record all reservations in a reservation log file.

This means that the administrator does now have a couple different ways in which to view the reservation information ... as opposed to the single option of version 1.0 of only being able to see the reservation information on the actual online schedule.

So this also means, that technically, you could remove the lines from the ureserve.pl script such that all of the information is not displayed when regular users click on reservations. The only problem with that is the "MODIFICATION" feature. That is, when a user wants to modify an existing reservation, he/she would need to access all of the fields (ie. see the fields in order to modify them). So just removing those lines may not be sufficient at this time.