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"Configure 2 booking forms"

Posted by VIC [victoria@lore.co.uk] on at 03:52 PM
I have designed a web site on a local Intranet that requires two distinct booking forms.
I have tried to create the two forms but for some reason both forms are containing the same parameters.
Please advise.Thankyou for your time.


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"RE: Configure 2 booking forms"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 10:06 PM
So it sounds like you want to just install two copies of uReserve? If so, the trick is to give each script a unique name, such as:


And create a unique "data" directory for each script, such as:


It is very important that each copy of uReserve has it's own "data" directory.

"Still more problems with configuring 2 forms."
Posted by Victoria [victoria@lore.co.uk] on at 07:16 AM
I have done as requested by the lovely Mr Bill Weiner who kindly answered my distress call; unfortunately it hasn't worked.
I have changed the properties of each of the pl. files (ureserve1.pl & ureserve2.pl) in notepad configuration Questions: -
5. What is your URL of this script on your website?
6. What is the full or relative path to your directory?

But as soon as I entered the "add resource" section, entered the information and Clicked apply, an error message appeared.

File error
Unable to open./data2/resource-data.txt

I would be very grateful if anyone could help me.
Thank you.

"RE: Still more problems with configuring 2 forms."
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 10:20 PM
That sounds like the new "data2" directory does not have WRITE permissions. So double-check that you gave the "data2" directory WRITE permissions... as described in item #5 at:


PS. Thanks for the nice compliment :^)