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Posted by Dave [Dave@wcpools.com] on at 03:27 PM
Can you setup ushop to work with PayPal?

If so what fields can you send to paypal?

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"RE: PayPal"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 05:12 AM
I'm really not familiar with "PayPal" at all.... so I would have to say "no" - uShop does not have an interface to PayPal.

Posted by Ben [Admin@MidniteTease.com] on at 03:09 PM
This probably won't help you any, but just thought I would share:

I use PayPal to process credit card payments; however, I do it manually. I print out my orders, and use one of PayPal's Pay Now link buttons on my management page to take me straight to the credit card entry page. It was intended by PayPal to be used directly by the customers...but it works great for me...same information either way.


"RE: PayPal"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 06:14 AM
We have listed an "experimental" PayPal interface HTML page on the following reference page:


(See the 3/4/2001 Listing)

It can be used with both the Full and Trial Version of uShop 3.x.

"Paypal Interface modifications"
Posted by David Futcher [david@futcher.com] on at 01:06 AM
Bill -

I downloaded the PayPal experimental interface and have a couple recommendations.

First, it appears that PayPal is now using https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr for their form processing, instead of the address https://paypal/instpurchase.asp that's in the download version. (The original one wouldn't have worked anyway with out a '.com' on it!)

Second, the instructions with the interface say that you need to edit the file to put in your PayPal account name. Actually, the field isn't even in the sample interface. It's a line that needs to be added. It should be in the format

What I did to get this information was to visit PayPal, login, click on "Sell", Web Accept, and have it generate a sample script for me. Then I incorporated any differences from that script into your experimental interface.

I hope this helps any of you folks trying to take PayPal for a spin on uShop!

"RE: Paypal Interface modifications"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 09:54 PM
Thanks for the feedback! (Although your HTML didn't seem to show up correctly in this forum...but I'll try going to generate a sample script at paypal and see what needs to be updated.)

Thanks again for the feedback.

"Paypal HTML"
Posted by Brian Levine [blevine@cfl.rr.com] on at 06:04 PM
Could you repost the missing Paypal account name line?

"RE: Paypal HTML"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 10:31 PM
We'll soon be updating the paypal interface listed at:


But until then, just edit the paypal.html page and add/modify any of the fields listed in the section that starts with:


It should be pretty self explanatory on how to add additional "hidden" fields.