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Posted by webgeek [mgarner1@earthlink.net] on at 10:13 AM
I can shop, enter items into a cart, check out and buy items without problems using Netscape 4.6.

When I try to use Outlook Express 5.0, I can view all of the applets running properly when the cart is empty. But when I put items into the cart, I get an "exception out of bounds error" when I go to the page that has the uShopOrderDeluxeCGI.class applet on it. I have changed the codebase to point to the applet in the public server to no avail.

URL: http://www.webgeekdesign.com/sc2

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"RE: IE5...Again"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 01:04 PM
I took a look at the parameters of your uShopOrderDeluxeCGI applet and noticed that you are missing the last double quote (") on your shipping parameter.

So add the missing double-quote and that will correct your problem.

"IE5 display"
Posted by john [twohandsfree@hotmail.com] on at 05:13 PM
FWIW I noticed a display problem with IE5 and ushop lite 2, I think.

I.e. the displayed applets appear broken up, as if they were being updated as the display was moved. If I scroll vertically there is horizontal banding through the display. Similarly, if I scroll horizontally there is vertical banding in the displayed applete.

"IE 5 display"
Posted by John [twohandsfree@hotmail.com] on at 05:15 PM
I should also add that I've seen the exact same problem on your page AND the sample page supplied with ushop.

I tried different resolutions and same thing.

"RE: IE 5 display"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 06:56 PM
John, you are seeing an entirely unrelated problem. In regard to the scrolling break-up that you mention that you are seeing with your IE browser....Over the years, I too have seen such problem with the way IE appears to handle repainting such large applets on some computers. Most computers, however, handle the repainting the applet fine...so it leads me to believe it is related to some video cards.