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"Mac problems"

Posted by Brian Stevens [bs@austra.net] on at 09:18 AM

I posted an item a few weeks ago about the appletts not working with Mac IE, I was told then that IE4.5 for mac should work ok etc etc.

Well IE 4.5 does work beeter but still not good enough. sometimes appletts dont display and sometimes when you view the cart it is empty.

IE5 (MAC) works worse and does not even display the add appletts.

What needs to happen to get you guys to make the appletts work on a Mac as well as they do on a PC (I have no problems on a PC)

Dont tell me that it is a Mac issue as other appletts work ok on a MAC but not yours.

You cant have a product that doesnt work for Macs and think it is ok, bacause my client does not want to hear that all they want to know is how do they use it on thier Macs?

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"RE: Mac problems"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 06:56 PM
Often such problems as you're describing have to do with how the different implementations of the Java Virtual Machines (JVMs) interpret the "codebase" parameter. So submit a support request with your URL and I will take a look at how you have your directory structure setup and how you are using the codebase parameter.

FYI: We have not done any controlled testing ourselves with Macs, but based on feedback from Mac users, uShop applets run fine on the Mac version of IE5. The applets also seem to run fine on all versions of Netscape on Macs.