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"mininum orders?"

Posted by Zenman [rhofa@yahoo.com] on at 03:06 PM
Would like to kno if there is a way i can set the orders to say 15. and if the quanity is change below <15 , the order would not be processd?

Thanx in Advance

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"PS "
Posted by zenman [rhofa@yahoo.com] on at 03:09 PM
I forgot to mention im using V3

"RE: mininum orders?"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 06:44 AM
There is not an overall feature like that, but there are a couple options that may be close:

1) Many of the input applets have "qty" parameter that allow you to specify the minimum quantity that a customer must select before the item is added to the cart. (Note: It just won't work over a span of different products. Ie. a min "qty" setting of say 15....will not check that 5 of one product and 10 of another product equals 15.... it will just ensure that the specific product will be added in quantities of 15).

2) Check out the quantity@price parameter option described at:


This won't limit the quantity of items, but will allow you to set different prices based on the total number of products that have a specified classification.