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"Applets and remote setup"

Posted by banksw [banksw@eustis.army.mil] on at 12:33 PM
I have all required applets loaded.
If the location of my site is www.domain.com/www and all files are loaded here. Should the Codebase work if it is set to ./ ? NOF5.0 makes the codebase hardcoded & not directly changeable expect as part of the orginial ref.
thanks walt

Oh. the cgi script test works in cgi-bin.

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"RE: Applets and remote setup"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 06:56 AM
So are you trying to put all "class" files and all of your store pages in the same directory? If so, then you actually don't have to specify the codebase at all....all browsers will default to the current working directory to look for the "class" files.

But if you absolutely must specify a "codebase" value for developing with NOF5.0....and all of your "class" files are located in the same directory as your store's HTML files, then setting the codebase to:

codebase="./" should work.

For more information about the codebase, see: