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"TWO Problems"

Posted by Kevin Edwards [edwardsandco@ndirect.co.uk] on at 08:13 AM
I am using the UK version of UShopLite and IE5 and I am getting two really annoying problems with the applets -

1. Applets don't show at the correct size when using uShopInputMenu.class Sometimes they show ok and at others they are shortened particularly when you go back and forth navigating through the various pages.

2. The wrong currency symbol shows in the shopping cart BUT just for the first item added!!! The second and All other items added show correctly. I have been all over and set the currency symbol to $ but the very first item added to the cart always shows as

I am out of ideas.

My site is at www.kiskakids.com

Any help would be most gratefully received

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"RE: TWO Problems"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 10:31 AM
1) I just checked out your website with IE 5 and did not see the problem with the applets getting shortened. However, from looking at your HTML, you might want to check the cell sizing of your tables....for example, you set you TABLE widths to 557 yet some of your cells are set to have a width of 957 (like the "butterfly dress" on your dresses_1.html page).

2) Remember that the money_sign parameter will not take effect until the customer has viewed a page with the shopping cart applet on it. See the following troubleshooting link for more information and some suggestions:


(you might want to try the last suggestion in that troubleshooting link).

"Two Problems - Now just One!"
Posted by Kevin Edwards [edwardsandco@ndirect.co.uk] on at 12:12 PM
Thanks for that.

I fixed the currency problem after reading the fix you suggested - Many Thanks for that.

BUT I still get the shortening of the uShopInputMenu.class applet. The whole applet size doesn't change just the code, product, description, price part.

If you click on the down arrow the options display ok but they are shifted to the right goining under the 'Add' button.

It is particularly bad on dress_7.html but also occurs on other pages if you go back and forth a few times. Strangely enough this doesn't seem to happen when using Netscape Navigator.

I can try looking at the table sizes but I don't think that this is the problem because the whole applet displays it it just the 'middle' bit that shortens.

Has anyone else ever found this problem?



"RE: Two Problems - Now just One!"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 01:59 PM
I just went to your site again with IE5 and tried going back-n-forth about 10 times with the browser's "BACK" and "FORWARD" buttons....but the drop-down menu continued to look fine. I also tried going back-n-forth between your pages by using the links that you have at the bottom of the page...but again, everything appeared fine.

For the heck of it, I checked your HTML, and that too looks ok.

As for why you are seeing the data in the drop-down menu shift to the right ... I don't know, nor have I've ever heard of such a problem.

The only thing I can suggest trying is to edit your HTML and try taking out all the extra spaces in your "PRODUCTS" parameter. That is, rather than put a carriage return and spaces after each option's price, just start the next product id....with no extra spaces. Maybe something weird is going on there..... Otherwise, I really won't be able to give any other ideas unless I can duplicate the problem myself.

Posted by Kevin Edwards [edwardsandco@ndirect.co.uk] on at 02:57 PM
Thanks Bill,

But it certainly happens with my IE5 both locally and on the web site. It is strange because it has
only just started to happen. But as I said it doesn't show using Netscape Navigator. maybe the problem lies with my IE5.

I have been all over the site and I cannot find anything wrong but it just keeps happening.

I have asked a friend to look at the site to see if the problem shows with him. If it does I will try your suggestion.

Your help is really appreciated.

Many Thanks


"IE Display of applete messed up with scrolling"
Posted by john [twohandsfree@hotmail.com] on at 05:32 PM
Bingo. You are seeing the same problem I have been describing. I am just starting with this and notice the broken (shorten) display problems with the ushop lite appletes.

"RE: IE Display of applete messed up with scrolling"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 06:58 PM
John, you are seeing an entirely unrelated problem. In regard to the scrolling break-up that you mention that you are seeing with your IE browser....Over the years, I too have seen such problem with the way IE appears to handle repainting such large applets on some computers. Most computers, however, handle the repainting the applet fine...so it leads me to believe it is related to some video cards.