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"Using uShop for Japanese language site"

Posted by Jim Fletcher [jim@gol.com] on at 11:16 PM
Very interested to purchase for use with site in Japanese language.. but have three issues I would like to resolve before purchase.

1. There are no "cents" in Yen currency. Can the zeros after decimal point be eliminated ?

2. Font. What font tag should be used to display Japanese fonts correctly ? Currently font tags appear as . What should replace "Verdana,Arial,Helvetica" ?

3. Can the buttons be changed and how ? EG.. I want to change the "Buy" button into Japanese.

If I can over come these three points, then I think it will be possible to successfully use uShop for a Japanese language shop.

thanks in advance
Jim Fletcher

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"RE: Using uShop for Japanese language site"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 06:49 AM
Right now, there is no "easy" way to change the currency format such that there are no decimal places in the money value. That would take a modification to the uShopLibrary Java code (ie. something we would have to handle).

As for changing the labels such that they are all in Japanese.... Most of uShop applets have parameters such that you can change the labels to whatever you want, so depending on the applets that you want to use.... you may want to check that out:


(Be sure to note the uShopInitialize applet too... as you would need to use that.)

On the CGI side-of-things, most labels/messages are controlled via ushop-languages.pl script... which you could edit via any text editor.

Additionally on the CGI side-of-things, you can customize the "order_template.html" file such that the labels/text on that form are as you desire.