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"Cart not resetting"

Posted by Steve Burns [burnsph@verizon.net] on at 08:31 PM
Well I thought I had everything configured correctly, but when I tested it and sent the order, the form did not reset. I.E. I closed my browser and reopened to my site (standbagger.com), went to the e-commerce page and there was my order. What's worse is that all of my credit card info was still there too. Upon discovery I immediately posted a "under construction" notice and took the ecommerce off line. Why is it doing this?

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"Cart not resetting - Related to uShop 2.0"
Posted by Microburst Support Team [support@uburst.com] on at 10:10 AM

uShop 2.0 order process troubleshooting can be found at:

If you are using the "secure order button" to transfer your customer to the secure order page before they order, then only the shopping cart on the secure order page will be cleared after the order is placed. You may also be able to clear the shopping cart on your public server if the codebase of your applets on the secure server is actually set to point to the classes directory on your public server.
Additionally be sure to check the clearcart parameter of the order applet you are using.
clearcart - This parameter specifies whether to clear the shopping cart and order form after the customer has submitted the order. Valid values are "YES" or "NO". The default value is "NO".