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"Foreign countries"

Posted by Norma Scott [norma@thesteelsource.com] on at 08:14 PM
It has been a long time since I've had to change anything in my ushop. It's been working great. However, in the past, I've eliminated the possibility of foreign country orders by deleting that option on the drop down choices. We are now accepting Canadian orders and I cannot find what file I had changed originally. I looked at everything I could, but I'm missing it somehow. Can someone clue me in? Thank you.

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"got it"
Posted by Norma Scott [norma@thesteelsource.com] on at 09:18 PM
Sorry, I answered my own question. I just kept poking around and found I didn't have the latest version of my order_template file on my hard drive. I downloaded it from my website and have make the changes. Sorry to bother you. Thank you.