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"Applets not displaying"

Posted by Duster [n0-spam_please@bigfoot.com] on at 01:50 AM
I'm configuring the latest Lite version in preparation to upgrading and am having a problem with the applets. They wok fine on my computer (in both Netscape Nav. and IE), and I am using the codebase parameter to put the class files in a directory named classes. The problem is that once i upload everything to the server, the pllets don't load. The message says Class Not Found

The temporary location of the files, and the URL I'm testing, is http://diverlink.com/essence/essentialoils.htm

I'd like to get the kinks woeked out so I can upgrade and have it operational. Any help would be appreciated.

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"RE: Applets not displaying"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 04:44 AM
1) From looking at how your site is setup, you should set the codebase to either:




The recommended codebase to use is the relative codebase="./classes/" - which is what you have for most of your applets. So keep using that as the codebase for all of your applets.

2) As for why the applets are not loading, from the "java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: uShopLibrary" error that is being displayed in the Java Console, I can tell that you do not have the required "uShopLibrary.class" file located on your server. Be sure to transfer all required uShop class files to your server: uShopLibrary.class, uShopProducts.class, uShopCartBase.class, and uShopMessageWindow.class. That will correct the problem.

"Thanks, that did it."
Posted by Duster on at 05:07 PM
LAST EDITED ON Apr-25-00 AT 05:42 PM (EST)

I'm a minimalist, and only uploaded the particular applet I was using, and thus had the problem. IO probably would have uploaded all the files as my next step, and am glad the problem was so easily solved.

Hint: it might help if the instructions used color to highlight the required files. it was too easy to overlook the mention of required files.