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"Credit Card CID Numbers"

Posted by Ron [rverrazzani@earthlink.net] on at 04:15 PM
Discovery is now requiring the CID number to be input in their credit card transactions. The CID number is a 3 digit number on the signature line on the back of the credit card. Does the current uShop script allow for this data input?

Dicovery told methat M/C & Visa will require this very soon as well.

Please advise asap. Thanks.

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"Credit Card CID Numbers"
Posted by Microburst Support Team [support@uburst.com] on at 04:59 PM
See the posting:

For possible ways to collect the 3 digit number.

"Credit Card CID Numbers"
Posted by Ron [rverrazzani@earthlink.net] on at 05:56 PM
Thanks, but unfortunately we do not use the credit card template on our site, rather we use the Authorize Net gateway in which the customer inputs their credit card information on Authorize Net's page.

Does Authorize Net have to make a change on their online form for the CID numbers to be input?

"RE: Credit Card CID Numbers"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 06:22 AM
When using Authorize.Net to process orders, the credit card entry form is controlled entirely by Authorize.Net. Off hand, I do not know if they have an option on their Merchant Panel to request the CCV numbers... so you may want to check with them.