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"Multiple Product ID's for one item"

Posted by Jon [jon@pell.com] on at 02:27 PM
How do we handle multiple SKU numbers for one item without adding an applet for each SKU number?
Example: We have shoe polish that has five different colors and three sizes. When we order we order black large shoe polish with one SKU and black small shoe polish with another SKU.

I understand we can put multiple colors, sizes etc.. in the dropdowns. But when we invoice we use SKU numbers not descriptions.

Jon Crowder
Ushop 3.0

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"RE: Multiple Product ID's for one item"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 07:17 AM
There are a couple ways to handle that:

OPTION 1: Try using one of uShop's "menu-type" Input Applets, such as uShopInput17, uShopInput18 or uShopInput19. Those applets allow you to specify different product Ids associated with each option. (You can also configure in the applet whether or/not the product Ids are actually displayed or not too.) Refer to the uShop Applet Reference for more information on those 3 applets:


OPTION 2: You can make your own custom HTML form and use uShop's JavaScript interface to set the correct product Id before the item is added to the cart. Refer to the uShop Developer's Guide for more information about making your own custom HTML forms/JavaScripts that interface with uShop: